Friendships for New Mothers – Are All Friends Equal?

Hello, and welcome back to The Vibgyor Chronicles!

We’re back this week with more musings on new motherhood and friendships. In the previous post we discussed about the importance of friendships for new mothers and how they can strive to make time and space for friends in their newly busy, sometimes chaotic lives. It is difficult, but not impossible, to create space for some soul enriching friendships in the lives of new mothers.

The cornerstone of a good friendship is mutual respect and support; even for those not in the same boat, empathy goes a long way in deepening bonds. Sometimes, however, friends do not quite understand the situation or needs or emotional state of their counterparts and end up doing more harm than good.

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Reimagining Friendships for New Mothers

Dearest friends, family, followers;

Welcome back to The Vibgyor Chronicles!

The last year has been unexpected and unprecedented. Most of us found ourselves out of our depths. Add to that certain life situations which are difficult to navigate in their own right, and you have a potentially worrisome situation on your hands.

One such situation is new motherhood. Most new mothers find themselves struggling to meet the demands of their new role. The responsibility of caring for another human, who is dependent upon his mother for his very survival, is a massive burden to carry. Add to that the exertions of labour (or surgery) and stitches and recovery; one begins to understand why Post Partum Depression (PPD) is a real thing. Having been through gruelling labour twice, I can tell you it feels as if one lost an argument with a speeding truck.

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Home-made Atta Halwa in 20 Minutes!

Checking in with a food related post today!
Today’s post is about my all time comfort food, Atta Halwa. Exactly 11 years ago, I had joined my first job many many miles away from home. One fine day, I just woke up and badly wanted halwa. I called my mother and asked her to teach me to make halwa, right then and there. She was as flabbergasted as you must be, right now, reading this. She anyway guided me through the procedure, yelled at me a couple of times (customary); and thus began our tradition of learning how to cook on phone. Believe me, I’ve learned pretty much everything I know, from her, on phone. 

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5 Blue Flowers Anyone can Grow!

A long hiatus – somewhat forced, somewhat voluntary – sees its end today. In the meantime life kept happening and as I was trying to run at the same pace, some of my more leisurely pursuits fell behind. I had a baby in January 2018, and another in April 2020.
It will still take time for me to be regular with blogging again, but I will certainly do better this time around now that (hopefully) we’re settling down. I spent a long time pondering over what to write to break the ice of inaction, and my favourite colour seemed the solution.
Blue is a colour I have loved more than any other since I was a wee tot. Growing up in India it brings a much needed coolness to the heat, a mellow sight to the eyes amidst the riot of colours that one is surrounded by.

You can also read about my recommendations for easy to grow red, yellow and white flowers.

Please click on the images to enlarge them.

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How to deal with Mealybugs

Hello, and welcome back to the green world of The Vibgyor Chronicles
Today, we will talk about mealybugs – pesky, cottony white insects that attach to our plants in cloud-like clusters. 

Mealybugs are a constant and persistent problem for most of us. They are very resilient to almost all chemical insecticides. The cloudy cottony white cocoon is very strong and provides them protection from most natural and man-made threats.

In this post, we will deal with the why and how and what and what-nots of dealing with mealybugs.

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Wild, yet Beautiful!

Dear friends, family, and followers of the blog:

A warm hello to you all from The Vibgyor Chronicles! I hope you all had a fabulous new year celebration and are already working on your resolutions. Most of you would have celebrated holi and settled into spring, bidding goodbye to winters.
My life, meanwhile, has taken a new direction, and with the addition of a tiny new person, I’m finding myself and learning to be a new person all over again.

Currently residing at the paternal homestead for post-partum recuperation, I am enamoured by the land and garden surrounding the old British bungalow assigned to my father by the University. A garden this size, no doubt, has innumerable possibilities and opportunities to engage one’s green thumb; but it also comes with many practical problems that us city dwelling balcony and container gardeners are unaware of.

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Essentials of Gardening 2.0 – Gardening the environment friendly way

Hello folks!

A short and sweet post today, about something I truly believe in – Gardening in an environment friendly way. It should be fairly intuitive, really, but you’d be surprised to know how many people don’t get it.
So in this post, I note down 8 ways in which I make efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of beautifying my balcony. I suggest and request that you follow as many as you can.

Now, why is this post necessary? Isn’t gardening a green activity already? How can my plants have an environmental footprint?
Let me clarify – it is not the plants. It is you – and your practices, towards getting the plants to bloom or fruit or stay healthy, that have a footprint.

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Gujhiya – The taste of Holi!

Holi is knocking at our doors, and I am more than ready to embrace it! I’m back with my gujhiya post, as promised.

It’s very easy yet not easy. If you think of it, it’s just creating the filling, stuffing and frying. However, there are quite a few steps involved and it might get overwhelming if you’re doing it all alone.

Hence, I advise you to take it in stages, and not try to start and finish everything on the same day. Or better still, involve everyone! Used to be good fun and bonding in my childhood 🙂
Now, let’s get started!

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Home-made Carrot (Gaajar) Halwa

It’s been a while since I shared a slice of my kitchen with you all. Well, life caught up and I wasn’t in my best shape to run with it so it dragged me along. Too many things to do, too many distractions, too little time to work and yet be distracted. The boon and curse of modern lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the season of happiness, cheer and loads of sweets approaches and how can I not be caught in the whirlwind? So, Holi hai folks, and we are going to celebrate in the best way there is – UP style! I will bring you fast and perfect Gujhiya and Malpua, without which no Holi worth its salt (or sugar?) can be celebrated.

To kick-start the Holi-thon, here is my Gaajar Halwa recipe. A prolonged bout of illness in winters forced me into dormancy, otherwise no winter of mine is complete without at least three runs of Gaajar ka halwa. Thank God carrots are still available! So let’s get onto it!

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Plant a Bee Friendly Garden

Hello friends!

I have been on a hiatus from the blog. Not from gardening, though. The hiatus has been forced to some extent, due to lack of time or other pressing concerns. However, now the blog is active again, and I hope to see you here!

Today, we will take a detour from regular gardening and talk about something related but important to every garden – Bees.

To be honest, bees are not important just to your garden; they’re important to the whole world. Bees pollinate, and because of pollination and the resultant fertilisation, a flower becomes a fruit and bears seeds. These seeds carry the next generation within themselves. If bees become extinct, we cannot even begin to comprehend how far reaching the consequences would be.

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